our philosophy

Having learned a lot from our Ancients, our products are born with the passion, the love of the trade, all the rigor in the work necessary to the result of a product of quality.

Since 2009 we practice viticulture in accordance with nature and oenological work whose purpose and a transformation of grape juice into champagne with the minimum of alteration of it.

This involves dose reductions on our vineyard and the implementation of a protection schedule depending on the weather, the risk of disease and of course a health balance.

Since 2013 we have been certified High Environmental Value Level 3 and our desire to protect our planet is at the heart of our decisions for the coming years.

From the point of view of the transformation our philosophy dictates to us a most natural transformation of the juice, which passes of course by considerable reduction of sulphite, then by the suppression of all non-natural product in our wines.

Thus our team allows you to appreciate thanks to their know-how, our different cuvées, elaborated from grapes belonging to the prestigious and famous vineyard of champagne.


Florian Gondé , winemaker